Gain Instagram Fame

Instagram is a great way of staying connected with friends, family members and customers by sharing images and videos instantly. You can use this app both for letting more people know about your products and/or services as well as for making personal relationships stronger. However, remember, to touch the lives of a larger crowd through you Instagram account , you will have to get famous and for that, you will have to get more likes and gain more followers. Below are some tips and tricks that will allow you to get famous on Instagram.

Have a public profile- You will struggle to get the popularity you have been looking for if every person following you needs your approval to be accepted as a follower. Thus, the first thing you should do to increase your Instagram popularity is setting your profile to public. There’s no need of keeping your Instagram profile private to protect your privacy. You can protect your privacy by not uploading/posting anything that’s embarrassing or too personal.

Link your Instagram profile to other social media accounts you have. This might encourage your existing friends to get themselves connected to you even through Instagram.
Follow as many as you can- You cannot expect other Insta users to locate your profile if you shy away from reaching out and interacting with them. During your initial days as an Instagram user, you should follow as many accounts as you can. It would be wise even to follow people whom you would prefer to unfollow later.
Begin by following your friends. Next, follow accounts related to your hobbies and interests. Are you into knitting, cooking or sports? Search for pages dedicated to your hobbies and follow the majority of them, if not all. Your next job would be checking the follow-lists of those pages and following people randomly.
Don’t forget to follow celebs. These may include your favorite actors, musicians, athletes or any other famous personality you love.
Last, but not least. Don’t forget to follow your followers back.
Post comments on celebrity accounts- You should actually post as many comments as you can to accounts of people you follow. However, make sure the comments are relevant. They should not spam people’s accounts.

Post comments even on official Instagram pages of celebrities. Increased visibility on the comments’ section of a celebrity’s Instagram account will force people to notice you. The comments you post must be interesting. For instance, you can get a little creative with your praises for the celebrity. Refrain yourself from spamming the celebrity accounts by making comments like “Please follow me”.
Download a photo editor app- You must remember that Instagram is primarily about photos and videos. So, to gain popularity on this platform, you will have to be good with the images you are uploading. Download a photo editor app to make your images look even more attractive. Never forget to attribute the images as edited images. This honest act of yours will reduce your chances of facing angry fans.
Use hashtags- To be famous on Instagram, you will have to keep a close eye on what’s trending and include hashtags to all the images you post. The hashtags picked by you should be relevant to the image they are accompanying. To gain popularity, you should go the other way round. Upload photos that are relevant to the trending hash tags.
Narrate a story- The more interesting your Instagram profile will look, the more followers you will get. Use your profile to narrate an honest, original and creative story by means of images and videos posted by you. Your fans will keep coming back to your account to stay up to date with the story.

Create a niche market- If you see people liking a particular type of photo and video on your account upload more photos and videos of that kind. A tailored Instagram account is a great way of becoming famous quickly.
Keep the number of photos right- When starting out, you should upload images frequently. However, as you will start gaining popularity, decrease the frequency slightly. This is the time when you should concentrate more on quality than quantity. Fans always want to see stars offering their best. Find out more about becoming an Insta-star here.

Get free Instagram followers- This is the easiest and quickest way of getting famous on Instagram. However, before you contact a company to bring Instagram followers to your account free of cost, make sure it’s reliable. The company should not share your information with any third party provider.

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